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August 19th, 2014

Driving App Downloads: Fill the Funnel or Use an App-Install Campaign?

When marketing a mobile app, it’s easy to be lured by low-cost, app-install campaigns. The temptation to only run these low-cost efforts that yield immediate returns is often simply too great to turn down.

However, these install campaigns are part of what drives upward of 86% of downloaded apps to be deleted without ever being opened. Before your brand dives headfirst into an app-install campaign, it’s important you understand the critical role that filling the funnel has on the overall success of their app, brand and number of downloads.

So what does filling the funnel mean, and why is it important?

Simply put, filling the funnel means reaching out to new potential users by increasing the level of awareness, promoting interest and building credibility around your app. These are complementary activities to app-install campaigns that increase your pool of potential users and provide a lift to your overall marketing effectiveness. These activities also tend to aid in driving organic installs. Organic users are more important, useful, and valuable than paid users. And, these are the activities that truly build meaningful, everyday brands vs. just another app.

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For example, a user sees a billboard for a new app, hears a streaming radio ad, and then sees an app install ad on his or her mobile Facebook newsfeed. This is the beauty of filling the funnel – by exposing more potential users to your app via strategic placements, this extended exposure encourages them to install and use. Will this user be more inclined to actually open the app and use it vs. the person that was never exposed to a multi-channel message? We think yes.

Many of our clients have seen tremendous success with funnel-filling tactics like event marketing, local radio, online video, content distribution, high-impact banners, stunts, sponsorship, and outdoor advertising. This has been particularly effective in localization strategies and among certain expected and unexpected verticals (marketplaces, delivery services, and fashion).

When done well, these are idea-driven tactics that entertain, inform, and reward people for participation.  They turn an app into a brand that people want to engage with and talk about, and ultimately download and use.

So, before you dive head first into a low-cost app install campaign, think about your audience and goals in an effort to find and lure in those loyal users.


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