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March 28th, 2014

DMI welcomes a new member to its family

A few weeks ago, I spoke with Fortune magazine reporter, Andrew Nusca, about our acquisition of KnowledgePath, a leading mobile Omnichannel commerce solutions company. One of his big questions was why we acquired KnowlegePath and how they will fit into our strategy.

So, why did we acquire KnowledgePath? We realized years ago that mobile commerce was the wave of the future. And we knew we wanted to guide the wave, not ride it. When big name brands like Apple and Sephora started integrating mobile points of sale – which is a component of mobile commerce — into their store fronts, it was a good indicator that mobile commerce was more than just a passing fad.

Now, according to Forrester, mobile commerce is expected to grow to $31 billion by 2016 – that’s roughly 10 percent of the overall $300 billion ecommerce market. Naturally, we want to include mobile commerce in our complete set of mobile enterprise solutions. Adding KnowledgePath to the DMI family places us in a unique market position–enabling us to provide a complete, integrated set of solutions that can truly reinvent business through mobility–improving businesses that are mobile-centric and transforming those that are not.

A few days before I talked with Andrew about the acquisition, I attended a good friend’s wedding in Dubai. Andrew and I talked about how this acquisition is like a marriage:  Separately, we are two great companies, but together we can be game-changers in the enterprise mobility space. We’re two different companies with similar cultures coming together to achieve common goals.  The benefits are obvious…broader customer-base, larger global footprint and an expanded portfolio of service and solution offerings we can provide to our clients. Just like newly weds, we’re all very excited about what the future will bring!

Check out Andrew’s article about DMI and the acquisition here.

For details about the KnowledgePath acquisition, please click here.

–          Sunny Bajaj

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