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November 15th, 2018

DMI Values – What They Mean to DMI

When thinking about all the moving parts that make an organization successful (clients, employees, leadership, partnerships, etc.), it’s hard not to wonder what acts as the glue that is holding it all together. Here at DMI, our values are at the foundation of everything we do – they’re engrained in our DNA. As the definition suggests, our values represent our standard of behavior and what is important at DMI.

How DMI defines its company culture

In 2002, Founder and CEO, Sunny Bajaj created the story of who DMI is and laid the framework for the expectations of our work and future DMIers by expanding on his own qualities and work ethic. Over the last 16 years, DMI has gone through some major transitions, but one thing has remained the same, what we stand for. At DMI we:

  • Are customer-driven: Building relationships to ensure customer success
  • Are employee-focused: Supporting, inspiring, & helping one another
  • Lead by example: Owning our destiny & acting with integrity
  • Take ownership: Putting our hearts into our work & stepping up to get things done
  • Are performance-driven: Striving to deliver better, smarter, sooner
  • Are trusted partners: Passionately sharing our craft & upholding our reputation

Since opening our doors in 2002, we’ve quickly emerged from a small family operated startup to a large international organization formed of various acquisitions over the years. As you can imagine, merging companies together and growing your workforce into a diverse, global organization with one common vision is no simple task. Success relies on how solid your foundation is; ensuring that the organizational values don’t become lost in transition. At DMI, we treat our values as a living document. Constantly being revisited and enhanced to guarantee they are growing with us and always encompassing everything we stand for.

How does DMI communicate these values internally?

Focusing on our belief of “leading by example,” members of our executive team regularly integrate these values into their daily lives. Below are quotes highlighting what these values mean to them:


“Customer success is a mindset. The mindset of focusing on customer’s outcomes rather than our deliverables. Our business is about helping customers transform their business. It is important to constantly look at the outcome that customers want and tell them what they need even before they ask. This helps us become their trusted advisor and achieve long term success.”

– Anil Jain, Group President, Enterprise


“We help our clients become digital leaders and as a result one of the biggest challenges is effective teamwork across a variety of disciplines.  At DMI, we not only embody teamwork and collaboration at every level, but we challenge, inspire and build on one another. Our management and our team members continually set expectations and drive performance on a daily basis by ensuring that focus on our employee happens each day, in each meeting – not just during evaluation season.”

– Jay Thomas, President of Brand Marketing & Customer Experience


“It is imperative at any level within an organization to work alongside your team. Jumping in there and getting your hands dirty, listening and taking responsibility, surrounding yourself with people smarter than you and trusting them to get the work done. This helps instill pride and encourages the organization to innovate and explore new ways of getting things done.”

 – Mike McHugh, President of Government Digital Solutions


“The Taking Ownership value is important because it is a key factor in the career progression of an individual.  It allows an individual to feel empowered to make a difference while accepting accountability for the results. It is important because it builds mutual trust within the organization and demonstrates the initiative to bring positive results to the company.”

– Chuck Thompson, EVP, Federal


“Being performance driven is key, to keep up with today’s expectations and speed of business. Outside of simply driving better business outcomes, here we continuously think about ways to innovate our delivery, improve cycle times, work more efficiently, enhance the customer experience, and stay ahead of the curve in today’s ever-changing market. It’s an organizational-wide approach to ensure we are always performing at our very best, while continuing to perform at the highest optimal level for our customers.”

– DJ Oreb, EVP, Managed Mobility Services


“Being a trusted partner means more than just having a successful track record for collaborations. Outside of sharing our craft, it means we’re here to uphold our commitments of accountability and respect to our clients, partners and employees to bring continued success to any and all relationships. To reflect DMI’s commitment as an organization we carry our own weight, we don’t just talk the talk – we walk the walk.”

– Doug Boufford, EVP of Government Civilian Agencies

Join the #WeAreDMI conversation on our blog and social media as we highlight the employees who live and breathe the DMI values every day.

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