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October 23rd, 2012

DMI Pulse: The Next Five Years, No One ‘Likes’ Facebook

The DMI Pulse is a weekly roundup of news, trends, and insights curated by the DMI Group Strategy Team. Questions or comments? Drop us a line below.

Marketing’s Next Five Years

It’s hard to make too many long-term predictions in an industry that is already changing (5 years ago, Android phones, app stores and Pinterest didn’t exist) but it’s important to take a look at where the trends are going. Most interestingly, this article doesn’t suggest a movement away from television advertising, but smarter, more targeted strategy and placement.
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Facebook Not as Engaging as You’d Expect

A new study suggest that only 6% of a brands Fans interact with a brand’s Facebook page. This undercuts the popular notion that more ‘Likes’ = more engagement. As brands become more sophisticated on how to behave on Facebook, we can expect less of an emphasis on amassing Likes and more of a focus on growing a fan base organically through more engaging interaction.
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Mobile Payments Finally Set to Take Off?

With so many companies competing and blocking each other, mobile payments have seemed just out of arms reach for a while now. If eMarketer has it right, mobile payments are set to take off in a big way in the next few years, meaning we’ll all have to think of new ways we connect with customers at the point-of-purchase.
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10 Brands Doing Tumblr Right

Take a look at what a few brands are doing on Tumblr to elevate beyond the products they sell and define the culture they promote.
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