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June 30th, 2015

DMI — Built to Reinvent Business through Mobility

A few years ago, I noticed there was a major shift in the way organizations were conducting business. As technology and consumer behaviors evolved, it became clear that providing truly effective business solutions would require collaboration among a unique set of experts.

Still, it seemed companies lacked an innovative partner with a more connected offering and the various experts needed to help organizations keep pace with the profoundly changing business ecosystem—one driven by the newly empowered and demanding consumer.

Over the past three years, we’ve brought together the right mobility experts to help organizations deal with this challenge head on—to become the partner organizations need today in order to succeed.

Today marks a milestone on our journey to becoming a global leader in mobility. We are rolling out new services and are excited to share with the world the story we’re telling around integrated mobility. We’ve made tons of progress in the past three years as we have worked as an integrated team to transform our clients’ organizations.

As this new era of mobility is upon us, we get a lot of questions about what integrated mobility means. One way we’re telling that story is through a video we created to let everyone know our take on mobility.

Check out more of our recent content around mobility, future trends and original thinking here:

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far and we’re excited about the journey ahead. Based on the conversations we’re having with industry leaders, clients, technology experts and others, we’re confident that our new structure is helping to solve today’s most pressing problems. And we are well equipped to help our clients deal with the challenges that lie ahead.

The new DMI was built to reinvent business through mobility. And we’re excited to do it together with you.

Jay Sunny Bajaj, CEO

Tags: enterprise mobility insights

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