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November 2nd, 2018

Digital Lycanthropy – How To Become Truly Digital

Digital “Lycanthropy” is a strange yet relevant analogy when shaped in the context of believing that you are being transformed. In folklore, there were those who believed they were able to transform into a “beast” but were actually suffering from the disorder known as “Lycanthropy”.

Digital Transformation is only partly a technology-based effort. The goal is to transform the way business is conducted for the better while being enabled by a technology strategy that puts you on the journey to digital. In the inverse, you cannot also change one aspect of your business and declare that you are digitally transformed. Simply put, Digital Transformation isn’t as easy as creating a digital solution out of something that was once IT.

Many of the companies seeking to undergo a shift to digital are being duped into believing they are being transformed while losing ground to those undergoing true change. Real transformation is difficult yet challenging and most importantly rewarding. It should reveal itself as an alchemical mixture of adoption (culture & value), compliance (process & security) and enablement (design thinking & agile execution).  The fabric of the business must live and breathe digital, to truly become the “beast”.

New Ecosystems

Ecosystem platform models facilitate rapid change of business expansion, monetization and engagement with consumers. Change is a constant that must be addressed with all the variables, both inside and outside the four walls of the enterprise. Look for opportunities that allow others to collaborate and participate in your business, places where producers and consumers can switch roles. Transformation is the act of changing the way you interact with other people and companies to create new ecosystems beyond the core.

In creating these ecosystems, inertial forces will rapidly expand existing one-to-one relationships into a many-to-many value engine. It fundamentally, changes the way humans interact with the systems you provide while bringing greater value to the participants through contextual engagement whether they are customers, employees, partners or external channels.

Role Reversal

The ability to execute both forward and reverse is enabled by a consistently evolving collaboration of information and people of consequence – evolving and changing those who participate and provide data that can drive innovation. When producers and consumers coexist in the same ecosystem, human interaction and context matter as much if not more than the technology. A digitally transformed system works in favor of both the business and the people buying into the ecosystem, creating top quality experiences, products and services.  

For those confused or unsure about how to define Digital in the context of Transformation, consider the manifestation of the ability that can transform humans into an actual “beast” would take a massive decomposition and reconstruction at the cellular level. Therefore, real business transformation to digital will require a bestial effort of determining why becoming digital is important to the business. Why your customers, employees and business partners will embrace and adopt new digital capability? How will transformation be achieved, measured and validated in an organic and cost-effective way? What role does technology play in the aggregate rather than the monolithic sense and will it help you sustain your transformation for years to come? If you cannot confidently answer the above leveraging existing engagement teams, providers or partners then you may just be suffering from Digital Lycanthropy.

Michael Deittrick – SVP, Digital Strategy & Chief Digital Officer

Tags: agile digital capability digital ecosystem digital transformation

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