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March 19th, 2014

Did you miss it? Mobile World Congress 2014 Highlights

This year attendance at Mobile World Congress (MWC) hit an all-time high! There were more than 85,000 visitors from around the world checking out the 1,800 exhibitors showing off their new products and services. If you didn’t attend the biggest mobile event of the year, we’ve got you covered as DMI was showcased in both AirWatch and Samsung booths.

Here is a video from the show floor and also recap of MWC 2014 Highlights, Trends and Announcements.

In the video you can hear perspectives from Sam Ganga, Magnus Jern, Scott Deutschman and others, who share their viewpoints on some of the topics covered at MWC.

Some of the highlights and most talked about items at MWC this year were:

  • Mark Zuckerberg and internet access for all
  • 3 new wearable devices by Samsung and the new Galaxy S5
  • Nokia’s surprise release of 3 new Android devices
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable devices
  • Beacons and mobile payments
  • Mobile advertising 2.0
  • Security advances with Android – Samsung KNOX
  • Big Data

Click here to get the MWC 2014 Highlights, Trends and Announcements Report.


The Fun Stuff

We wanted to make sure those who missed the event got a good grasp of what it was like attending, so we’ve also created a Facebook album to go along with our review. Be sure to check out our view from the Samsung and AirWatch booth!

We hope you enjoy it!!

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