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June 16th, 2015

Designing Solutions, Not Destinations

One of the biggest misconceptions about mobile apps – hybrid or native – is that they are “closed systems” that only provide value when a user makes a decision to launch the app. Although this might have been partially true in the past, mobile apps should be considered 1 part of a system/service and not an end destination in themselves.

For example, a taxi cab company that has a mobile app (and responsive website) can use geo-targeted push notifications to notify customers of available taxis nearby after they leave a sporting event, enable app indexing to display a description of their loyalty program in the search engine result pages, use interactive notifications to allow customers to rate a journey or implement Google Now Cards to show upcoming reservations without forcing the customer to access the app directly.

With upcoming support for Google Now On Taps, Google will be able to recommend the taxi’s services in the form of “card” based on an email conversation the customer is having with a friend or family member that requires travel.

In addition, a taxi cab company can develop a mobile SDK to allow other websites/apps and third party software (such as calendar solutions) to book their taxis.

Partnerships can extend the taxi companies’ mobile app services further, such as allowing a customer to earn points through a loyalty program that can be redeemed for either free taxi rides or partner related services.

Regardless of how your mobile apps support your overall marketing and business strategies, make sure they are developed as a service (based on the customer’s context) rather than an end destination (that the customer needs to always go to).

If your company is interested in learning how to provide your customers with untethered computing anywhere, anytime on any device or screen, please contact us.

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