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December 20th, 2018

Customer-Driven: Building Relationships to Ensure Customer Success

Whether you’re interacting directly with clients or not, we all play a part in their success. To us DMIers, being customer driven is more than just offering customers what they want and how they want it. It means consistently over-delivering, offering our skills and expertise, and providing outstanding customer experiences. At DMI, being customer driven means:

  • Supplying customers with superior products and services
  • Maintaining a positive, proactive relationship with our customers, ensuring our services enable them to achieve their goals
  • Following up and following through (invite to the slack channel)
  • Going where our customers are to ensure they know how focused we are on meeting their needs

The Steps to Becoming Customer-Driven

In order to ensure we remain customer focused  at every level, we work hand-in-hand with DMI’s QA team to build out customer satisfaction surveys and ways to improve any given process for our customers. The team works to develop custom programs that support our employees, in building relationships and creating partnerships. From an organizational standpoint, the end goal is to support our employees so they can better serve our clients.

Building Relationships to Ensure Customer Success

“Understand the customers’ need and deliver on that need, rather than shooting in the dark giving clients things they don’t need. We always strive to exceed our customers’ and the industry’s expectations, like staying up all night testing an app with the India team to ensure it could go live on the app store on time.” – Juleigh Pisciotti, Product Strategist, Brand Marketing and Customer Experience

How do we do this?By staffing our assignments with Project Managers who are skilled in managing relationships to provide trust and to make the best decisions for the client’s overall needs. We’re focused on making sure that our work leads to our customers’ success and foster more organic growth. In addition to the work provided to clients, we strive to make our clients feel as if they are part of the DMI family by hosting various client appreciation events throughout the year. From end-of-year gift baskets to client charity balls, we go above and beyond to solidify our relationships and show our clients just how much they truly mean to us. We even have a little fun and recruit our clients to join us as guest judges for one of our annual summer kickoffs, Tech Chef.


To learn more about DMIs core values and what they mean to us, check out our latest blog.

Christina Wenek
Director, Employee Resources



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