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September 25th, 2014

How to Be a Content All-Star

In today’s hyper-connected world, people are bombarded by ads and end up tuning them out, unless the ads are entertaining, informative or additive.

In mobile, creative ideas, messaging and content remain supremely important to your app’s success. While we’ve posted a lot about where and how to reach new users, we haven’t talked much about the content and creative you should use to do so…

Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet. Every brand and every app is different and should have a different point of view and different voice in the world. It takes creativity to develop content and messages to fuel your earned, owned and paid media plans.

Without a focus on the creative piece, you’re really only testing the media side of the equation and leaving further opportunities for growth on the table. Just as your app icon is one of the most important elements for app marketing success, so too are the ads, videos, social posts, infographics and other content that your brand produces.

This is what turns an app into a brand and what separates it from the millions of competitors in the apps store.

Here are some all-star examples of brands who have done a great job developing their messaging and identity via their social media channels.

1. Oreo 

2. Denny’s 

3. Red Bull 

4. Kissmetrics (great blog and content distribution)


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