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January 24th, 2014

A class in launching successful mobile services

A couple of weeks ago Magnus Jern gave a class on what it takes to succeed within mobile marketing, mobile websites and app development. Over 300 marketers from major brands, agencies and institutions attended the conference organised by Crea Digital in Switzerland. The conference included speakers from Facebook, eBay, Vice, Linkedin and of course, DMI.

The presentation covered the following topics:

  • Why Mobile – latest stats and trends that you need to know
  • Why Mobile First – why mobile is more important than desktop PCs
  • Apps vs Web – what technology should you go for?
  • How do I create a great mobile service – tips and tricks

You can also watch the video recording of the full presentation here.

If you want to know more about creating mobile strategies then read our previous mobile strategy handbook series.


Tags: events mobile marketing mobile websites

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