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August 22nd, 2013

Can’t keep up with mobile TLAs? Our gobbledygook and their explanations


In our daily work we often use Three Letter Abbreviations (TLAs) and other short cuts to try and save us time and make our writing clearer. But they are not always outlined and authors often presume their readers will understand what they mean. If misused, over done or not properly explained, abbreviations will have the opposite to desired effect.

Below you will find some examples being used in the mobile sector and some alternative interpretations that might not apply to mobile.

AOB – Any Other Business or Any Other Bugs

API– Application Programming Interface or A Pleasing Interface

APPApplication or Average Purchase Price

AR – Augmented Reality or Aspect Ratio

CR – Change Request or Conversion Rate

CRM – Customer Relationship Management or Certified Records Management

CTR – Click-Through Rate or Choose The Right

DEV – Developer or Deviation

EOP – End Of Play or Empire Of Pokemon

MEAPMobile Enterprise Application Platform or Metaphysics Exploration And Protection

MW – Middleware or Microsoft Word

PO – Purchase Order or Peace Out

PPD – Pay Per Download or Personal and Professional Development

PSR – Project Status Report or Photic Sneeze Reflex

QAQuality Assurance or Quite Annoying

SDK – Software Development Kit or Sillies Don’t Know

SOW – Scope of Work/Statement of Work or Save Our World

TBD – To Be Determined/Decided or Too Bad, Dude

UIUser Interface or yoU and I

WF – Wirefames or Weather and Forecasting


If you are unsure of what abbreviations stand for you can always look it up online ASAP!

If you want to make sure that your reader correctly interprets what you’re trying to say then always spell out the meaning behind your abbreviation the first time you use it, and make sure that it’s not commonly used for a different purpose elsewhere.

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