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October 29th, 2014

Can Enterprise Apps Deliver 10x ROI?

Imagine if there was a guaranteed way for enterprise apps to generate 10X ROI for organizations?

Actually, there is! Over the past few years, we have seen this time and time again, with some organizations having done it multiple times. Enormous productivity gains are there for the taking for businesses that are prepared to change the way they work, with gains ranging from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions in incremental revenue and cost savings.

How can this be done?

In our previous posts we have talked about winning in mobile in 2015, so let’s now focus specifically on enterprise apps.

1. Research and discovery: Although rarely done, the first step is simple and straightforward. You should start by understanding the challenges and needs of your customers and employees. Identify the core groups including e.g. distribution, administration staff, sales customers and resellers. Then spend at least a day with each group interviewing, observing and documenting their daily tasks. Just observe without judging or translating the challenges and needs into mobile solutions. This will come later.

Example of a need: One of the salespeople wants to be able to create and sign a customized contract or quote on site while meeting with a client without needing to return to the office.

2. Create use cases: With the insights from your immersion with each group, document them as use cases.

Example use case: An installation technician checks in at each location they have visited, as well as recording a photo of the installation and cataloging the client signature.

3. Verify the needs and use cases:

Carry out a survey to verify that the insights, needs and opinions- and resulting use cases- represent reality for the organization as a whole and are not merely limited to the needs of individuals interviewed. An easy way to do this is to share the top 20 or so needs and use cases across a broader population inside the enterprises, asking customers and employees to rate and evaluate them. It’s also valuable to sometimes include unproductive use cases to get an idea on whether the respondents have answered sincerely and accurately

4. Quantify the opportunity of each use case and prioritize.

With every use case evaluate the potential opportunity to:

a) Generate higher revenue e.g. more customer visits per day

b) Increase productivity/ save money e.g. reduce fuel costs or staff required

c) Increase employee or customer satisfaction e.g. customer is likely to return more frequently

d) Improve brand perception e.g. by using the latest technology the organization is perceived to be more innovative

It is also helpful to add a column for each use case on the complexity and cost to implement. For example, creating a video of each customer visit to reduce fraud may not be feasible due to the high cost of uploading and storing the videos.

5. Create the business case

Build a business case based on the top use cases that could realistically be deployed within a 4 month period. Our experience shows that shorter projects deliver higher RIO and success rate. Evaluate whether you can fulfill the use cases with an off-the-shelf solution or whether you need to develop custom software.

Having done the above, how can we be so certain that the process will deliver a X10 ROI for your business?

The potential for productivity gains among sales agents, field and office staff are so huge that unless you have been developing enterprise mobile solutions for years without any visible results, we are certain that a move in this direction will only benefit you greatly.

And, if you fail to identify the opportunities and business cases, please contact us and we will make it our mission to help you fulfill our guarantee.

Read more about the secrets of building enterprise mobile apps that generate 10X ROI.
Check out our new white paper: How to Get 10X ROI on Mobile Apps

– Magnus Jern, President of Mobile Application Solutions


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