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January 3rd, 2013

Business Objects SP5 BI Mobile Dashboard Support for iPad

Business objects SP5 highlights:

•    Includes the long awaited BI Mobile Dashboard support for iPhones and iPads
•    432 new fixes in SP5
•    1919 total fixes included in SP5 for all BI 4.0 inclusive service packs
•    Service pack is 2.45 GB in size, hence it is recommended to use the download manager
•    SP5 is inclusive of all previous service packs for BI 4.0

BI Mobile Dashboard Support:

BO SP5 includes the capability of accessing Xcelsius dashboards on mobile devices, including iPhones and iPads. This is the big ticket item for SP5. To enable this functionality, SP5(server and client) and the BI Mobile upgrade 4.4 (iPhones and iPads, released 12.17.12) are both required.
This functionality is quite easy and well designed. First, open your existing dashboard .xlf file and then “save to platform” as a “Dashboards object for Mobile only” or “Dashboards object for Desktop and Mobile”. Saving as a Mobile object is what allows the BI Mobile app on your iPhone or iPad to access to the dashboard.

You may want to note the “mobile compatibility” tab in the bottom left hand corner. This will list any incompatibilities in mobile viewing mode and of course may be changed as you like.

Here are a few noted incompatible functions for BI mobile:

•    The bullet chart has disappeared
•    The alert functionality in the combination chart has been removed
•    The design of the buttons has changed
•    There was a warning on the amount of labels of the combo box, but they are all selectable
•    The refresh connections button has disappeared
•    The spreadsheet table has disappeared
•    The value component is not supported
•    The area chart component is not supported
•    The list builder component is not supported
•    Mouse over interaction for buttons and graphs aren’t supported
•    HTML formatting for text boxes is not supported
•    Animated entry effects for objects aren’t supported

There is a new help section in the SAP Dashboard designer with some details on what is/is not supported.

Despite the incompatible functions, the iPad viewing capability and conversion of existing dashboards are impressive. This has been a much awaited feature for some time and was well worth the wait. Additional functions and features will hopefully get added soon now that SAP has introduced this new capability.

Tags: big data insights ipad SAP

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