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May 29th, 2015

Build vs. Buy mobile services – when and why?

Need to mobilise your sales team, transform your intranet to a mobile solution, provide omni-channel training or mobilise your ERP (SAP, Oracle or whatever it might be)?

Over the past 10-15 years most organisations have moved from developing their own applications to using off-the-shelf software, SaaS and Cloud Services to keep up with innovation and focus on their core business. But with mobile apps the tide has turned once again as traditional IT vendors can’t keep up, employees demand more and organizations want solutions that fit their specific processes and needs.

How do you decide when to build a custom solution or to buy something off the shelf? Is it purely a matter of cost or what other variables are involved?

We’ve developed a framework for helping you decide and used the below sample case as an example. A hospital group wants to access, edit and record patient record‎ from smartphones and tablets and evaluates a solution from the vendor of the hospital medical records software.

Using the framework and rating the following 1-5 in terms of importance where ‎1 is not at all and 5 is very high (in the case of cost a high cost is a 1) and using the below weighting for each of the attributes:

Build or Buy Mobile Services

Build score: 4.2       Buy score: 3.7

So will this always give you the best answer? Not always, but it will provide you with guidance and a framework to test the scenarios and to present the facts to the decision makers.

Do you agree with the framework? Should we tweak it? Do you want to know more? Contact us for more information.

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