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December 30th, 2013

Best of 2013


One of our objectives for 2013 was to share the mobile knowledge we’ve built up over the past 7 years with the world. We set out to publish everything we know about mobile strategy development, service concept design, UX/UI design, app and web development, QA testing, appstore distribution, promotion of apps and mobile websites, devices and operating systems, analytics and more. The response has been amazing. The traffic to our blog, presentations, infographics and white papers increased by over 400% and feedback from readers has been engaging and interesting.

As we’ve now reached the end of the year here are our top blog posts, presentations and infographics from 2013.

1. Top Mobile Trends 2013
Our most read and discussed piece this year was the mobile consumer end enterprise trends for 2013. We did more than 30 workshops, presentations and panels about the trends and how they would impact our customers and partners. The result of our predictions can be found here.  (posted Tuesday 31/12/2013).

2. 7 trends in UX/UI Design
2013 was a big year for user experience and design and the main topic for almost every customer meeting, conference, strategy discussion and workshop. How do we deliver a great mobile user experience within the boundaries for each project? The 7 trends are more specific than this
but turned out to be a great guide in how to enhance usability.

3. Mobile Strategy Handbook (native vs HTML5 vs hybrids)
The Mobile Strategy Handbook was an ambitious project to publish a guide to help any organisation create, plan, chose technology, implement, test and evaluate a mobile roadmap. The most popular chapter was about choice of technology.

4. 6 steps for mobile application testing
Quality assurance turned out as one of the biggest challenges for app developers in 2013. Apps continued to crash frequently, perform slow, look terrible on certain devices and simply not deliver the quality you should expect from an app. Our 6 steps for application testing provided a comprehensive guide on how to improve quality.

5. How much does it cost to develop a mobile website in XHTML or HTML5
This blog was actually from 2011 but is still one of our most popular in the “how much does it cost” series. Feel welcome to read the blog but the conclusion is obviously a wide range from almost nothing to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

6. User Centred Design (UCD) Process
We’ve been talking about UCD for the past 7 years but always found it difficult to go from talk to execution with our customers. In 2013 we changed the game by simplifying the process and this blog summarised how it works.

7. Top 5 reasons why your app will fail
You would think that people would prefer reading about success rather than failure. But we learn from our failures and therefore this was a popular topic that generated a lot of debate andfeed back.

8. Why most app developers suck
This was the most controversial topic of the year. So much in fact that our head of development asked if he was doing something wrong. Anyone that has interviewed developers and worked with developers ranging from bad to excellent will understand what we mean. 1 great developer is much better than 9 half decent.

9. Mobile World Congress Review
Mobile World Congress 2013 was the most exciting conference in at least 6 years despite the venue change. Other than the usual device launches and 4G technology debate the focus was on services ranging from future cities, healthcare, finance and education to how to effectively leverage mobile in the enterprise.

10. 7 ways to optimize your app for iOS7
The biggest news from Apple in 2013 was iOS7. New design and UX principles, 100s of new APIs and major enhancements in multi-tasking and notifications. IOS7 was the biggest update in tears for developers who rapidly had to update their apps.

For 2014 the target will be to double our engagement once again.


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