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April 30th, 2013

Advertising agency Tribal DDB targets 70-80% in mobile revenue in 2-3 years

We’ve made bold statements many times about how the share of advertising spend that should be on mobile but we’ve never heard a digital agency make such aggressive statements.

In an interview with Mobile World Live the Tribal DDB CEO Paul Gunning said “consumer brands are now embracing mobile to such an extent that up to 80 per cent of our company’s revenue could be driven by mobile in the next two years.”

What do we think?
It’s great that interactive agencies are truly embracing mobile and as a partner to Tribal DDB we hope they and others will succeed. At the same time we think it will be challenging. Most marketers are conservative and slow to move their spend as it’s hard work to convince managers, colleagues, retrain staff, etc. They would prefer to stick to TV advertising or at least online video advertising if they could. At the same time consumers are rapidly moving to the new media and therefore they might not have any choice.

Read and watch more from the interview here.

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