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October 31st, 2013

A day at DMI – the best job in the world

best job in the worldWhenever someone asks what the best job in the world is then I tell them it’s mine. Over the last 7 years I haven’t had one boring day where I haven’t met a new challenge or learned something new. I’ve spent entire days celebrating new wins and other days listening to screaming customers trying to find a solution to their problems. During this time I’ve also had the opportunity to work with amazing people that challenge me every day.

So what does a typical day look like at DMI?
I travel between our offices in London, New York and Barcelona every month as well as our Asia office and other customer locations across the US, Europe and Asia throughout the year. This morning on a Monday end of August I wake up in New York.

The day starts early with a conference call with my colleagues in the Phnom Penh office to discuss a new client request. The customer is a major publisher in the UK that is looking to outsource their entire mobile production and looking for a partner. The deal is potentially worth over 10 million USD over 3 years.

Catching up on e-mails from clients and teams in our Europe and Asia offices. The sales support team asks how to prioritise the tasks for the day.

Another call with the Barcelona office where it’s now noon. The meeting is about how to improve our user centred design process to incorporate user testing at an earlier stage in all projects using sketches and prototypes.

Take a break from work and go for a run across Brooklyn. Bridge and Manhattan bridge before breakfast.

Time to head for the office. On my way in I have a quick Skype call with our head of sales to go through priorities for the week.

I’ve been sent an app we are developing for Budweiser to test and give feedback. Although my involvement in individual projects is usual small after the initial start I try to test and provide my biased opinion on every one before they are released. This one is looking great but still far from ready

Breakfast meeting with clients in the office to talk about the latest trends in mobile. The turnout is great with people from start-ups and global brands. We speak about retail, payments, iOS7, the new iPhone, Apps vs Mobile web and more. A lot of the participants get so excited that they don’t want to leave.

Time to head out for a client meeting. We meet with the head of digital marketing for a major consumer brand and talk about their needs in mobile and a specific brief.

Lunch meeting with a client building a social mobile platform for golfing. We discuss potential improvements to the concept and next steps in the development process.

Back to the office to get some work done. 7 messages waiting on Skype from people that need quick approvals on proposals, job offers and marketing activities. I like instant messaging because just like Twitter and SMS short responses are encouraged.

Off to visit Anheuser-Busch Inbev for a world cup planning meeting with the Budweiser team. It doesn’t get much more exciting than this. Who doesn’t want to be involved in developing mobile services for the world cup in brazil 2014. We got through all the concepts and spend almost one hour on mobile concepts.

Back to the office for a quick pitstop again to follow up on the days meeting. Most of the work is already done thanks to the myriad of mobile apps we use during the day including Mobile e-mail, calendar for scheduling, Skype for mobile, Meetr Sales and Meetr Docs.

Dinner with our client Track180 coming in to New York from Newhaven for dinner. We talk about next steps for the service.

The day is almost over in New York and our Asia office is just waking up again. Time flies when you’re having fun. I summarize the actions from the day to the management team with clear priorities.

Another fun productive day at DMI and the week has barely started.

Disclaimer: The working hours are not representative of a normal working day at DMI. We promote a healthy work-life balance with normal working hours from 9 to 6pm, flexible working hours and freedom to work from home when needed.

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