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August 14th, 2014

Defining Your Ideal Customer: 6 Questions You Need To Ask

Goals and analytics are important in measuring a campaign’s success, but in the end, mobile apps and the campaigns that promote them are all about the user. Successful apps are deeply integrated into the lives of its users.  Similarly, a successful  mobile app campaign should be constructed around the wants, needs, likes, dislikes, and habits of the app’s target users.

When planning your mobile app campaign, we recommend first building in-depth target personas and user journeys.

When you better understand who your ideal target is and how they behave, you can craft content and creative that will better connect with them and develop a more targeted plan to reach them. Although testing and media optimization will help you further narrow the target while in market, it’s essential to have a solid foundation from which to start.

In our post from Tuesday, we outlined four different ways you can conduct research to learn more about your target audience. Click here to check that out.

A majority of questions you’ll want to answer about your target audience will be specific to your app.  But, there are also some general questions that will help define your media and marketing planning. Here are six common questions you’ll want to know about your target audience to help define your mobile app marketing plan:

  1. What kind of devices do they own?
  2. How often do they use those devices?
  3. How active are they on social media?
  4. How old are they?
  5. What is their household income?
  6. Where do they live?

These questions, supplemented by specific questions and attitudes that pertain to your specific app help create target personas about your consumer. Here’s a basic example of a customer persona.

Customer persona example

Understanding who your audience is, what they like, and how they interact with the digital world will help you create more effective content and a better-performing campaign.


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