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March 23rd, 2017

600 App Developers but Not ‘The One’

Ariyana at Nike asked the LinkedIn community for recommendations on an app development partner and so far, she has received over 600 comments and suggestions. How could she possible choose the right one?

LinkedIn request for app developer referrals


Speaking to the Head of Digital of one of the top consumer brands in the world, he said “Every mobile developer claims to have done everything, but later it turns out that they haven’t, and the problems start piling up.”

Mobile technology is extremely complicated for several reasons:

  1. It touches on every vertical/industry and part of our lives
  2. There are thousands of different technologies to keep track of (iOS, Android, Web, Facebook, mobile payments, authentication standards, HoloLens, etc.)
  3. Technology is evolving fast, and even accelerating in most areas, which means keeping up-to-date requires specialists in each technology

Finally, the greatest challenge is not technology, but solving real problems for people and businesses alike.

There is no single mobility company that is an expert at everything. So, the question becomes…

How Do You Find the Right Mobility Partner?

Find a company with real, relevant experience for 80% of your needs.

Forget about PowerPoint presentations and high-level case studies. Deep-dive into what they did, what worked, what failed and what they learned from it. Look for a company that you believe will not only deliver the technical solution you need, but that will help make your project/business successful.

Remember that previous experience of failure can be a good thing as you don’t have to repeat the same mistakes.

Where Do You Start Your Search?

The LinkedIn request for referrals probably wasn’t the best idea.

Instead ask your network a bit more privately for recommendations and look at well-established vendor ranking companies such as Clutch, Gartner and Forrester.

Filter by asking if they really have relevant experience and see if you get an honest answer.

Good luck!

Magnus Jern
Chief Innovation Officer

P.S. Did you know that DMI is one of only five Google Specialization Partners in the world for Application Development? Read more here.

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