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April 23rd, 2014

Magnus Jern participates in Forrester report on QA


Magnus Jern, CEO at DMI, participated in the Forrester report  ‘A Benchmark to Drive Mobile Test Quality’ released earlier this year.

As a key part of the QA discussion he states that “organizations that are willing to take apps to market earlier with less extensive testing are more successful; that last 1% of perfection is extremely expensive!”

The report covers the changing QA landscape and how to strike the perfect balance between shorter delivery to market time frames and allowing enough time for more than reasonable quality testing.

Some of the key points analysed include whether to start QA earlier in the development process and how to best handle device diversity.

The report also covers the best practices that are gradually emerging within QA and what the correct level of testing is to release the app successfully.

Tags: forrester QA testing

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