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September 6th, 2016

3 App Store Tips That Will Help You Triumph

We’ve delivered over 1,000 apps over the past ten years. Throughout this time, the app stores have become more and more competitive, requiring app owners to do whatever they can to stand out. Here are three tips that won’t cost much and will help your app triumph on the app store.

1. App Description and Search Engine Optimization

The title, description, keywords and images are all key to discovery and attracting downloads once people have found the app. App store search optimization is as important as web SEO.

DMI can help you with the basics, but there are also agencies specialized in this. We’ve been working closely with The ASO that helps big brands and startups optimize their app store presence.

2. Ratings and Reviews

After the app description, the most important thing is positive ratings and reviews. With a good app these can be achieved fairly easily by simply asking active users if they like the app. If they say yes, then ask them to rate it on the app store. If they answer no, then ask for feedback on how you can improve the app. Over time you can improve the algorithms for whom and how you ask.

3. Best Practice for Creating an App Store Video

Video is taking over as the most consumed media on social networks. The right video presentation of an app can make a big difference for downloads, engagement, marketing and PR. And it can be used and reused across many different channels making the investment pay off many times over.

App Annie provides some additional insights on app store videos.

Good luck with your app store presence! Share your tips and tricks and tell us if there is anything we can do to help.

Magnus Jern, President DMI International

Tags: app marketing mobile apps

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