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December 1st, 2014

2 words to describe mobile during the past year? Explosive growth

Activities in almost every industry and segment continues to outpace forecasts, in what can only be defined as explosive growth. This includes mobile traffic growth and mobile advertising for several years, and now also mobile commerce and enterprise app development.

 To help you make sense of all of this here are some of the top highlights from the past 3 months:

  • Why employees won’t use your app
  • Guaranteed success with enterprise apps
  • What’s going on for the Internet of things?
  • mCommerce growth continues to outperform forecasts with 141% in 2014
  • iOS dominates the enterprise market completely
  • Phablet design, iOS8 and Android Lollipop
  • Killer apps for the car?

Why employees won’t use your app

With more and more enterprises investing in productivity apps for their employees we unfortunately see a lot of them failing. The number one reason is user experience and lack of user input during the development process. Learn about why enterprises fail and avoid making the same mistakes. Read about our Future of Enterprise Mobility and Why employees won’t use your app.

Guaranteed success with enterprise apps

It’s not often that we guarantee something but having looked at what makes enterprise apps succeed and fail we are willing to make a bet. If you do it right with user centric design following these 6 simple steps then failure is not an option. Read about generating 10x guaranteed ROI here and share your results with us.

What’s going on with the Internet of Things?

We wrote about the Internet of Things going mainstream in our trends predictions for 2014 and since then we’ve seen it happen primarily thanks to an explosion in connected consumer devices for the home. Speakers, alarms, climate control systems, appliances and more. Find out what’s driving Internet of Thing mainstream in our summary from the Gartner report and examples of IoT devices.

mCommerce growth continues to outperform forecasts with 141% in 2014

Earlier in the year we talked about how the biggest barrier for mCommerce conversions and growth is user experience for mobile shopping and payments. As companies are investing to improve the user experience things are rapidly changing. Read more.

iOS dominates the enterprise market completely

Worldwide Android has continued to gain market share this year (with 84.7% market share in Q2 2014) but in the enterprise Apple dominates in the US at least with 69% smartphone market share and 89% of tablets. Read more.

Phablets, iOS8 and Android Lollipop

With 4000 new features and APIs for iOS8, 5000 for Android Lollipop and smartphones with bigger screens reaching mass market it’s not easy to keep up. Catch up by reading our summary of phablet trends, phablet design, iOS8 and Android Lollipop.

 Read more.

Killer apps for the car

Do we really need apps for the car some might ask? Cars have been equipped with advanced computers for over 10 years now but access has been limited to the car itself and information provided to the car manufacturers for service and maintenance. With the launch of Apple Carplay, Android Auto and proprietary technologies we are now starting to see a myriad of new enablers and car apps being launched. Read more.


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