What We Do


AI Consulting Should Find the Best Fit for Your Business

Artificial intelligence is a technology solution — not a business solution. That’s the heart of DMI’s approach to AI consulting. We start with your business challenges and work backward, dovetailing your AI strategy with your marketplace, customer demands and in-house skills. Some AI solution providers will try to shoehorn your business into their package. Engagements in multiple industries taught us that this doesn’t cut it. To drive measurable business results, you need AI consulting customized to your requirements. We don’t have an agenda; we have a method.


Consulting that Whets Your Appetite for Automation

AI is like a buffet that practically begs you to put too much on your plate. But overdoing it boosts the odds of multiple costly failures. The best AI projects start small. You automate one process, prove that it produces measurable results and add enhancements. DMI’s AI consultants learned this reality across a vast range of AI projects. Our AI consulting engagements will guide you toward becoming flexible, scalable and extensible in all of your AI initiatives. That’s how you bake the benefits of artificial intelligence into your business model.  


Give Life to a Perpetual Cycle of AI Innovation

AI consulting should not be a one-off engagement. Indeed, it must be constant across the lifespan of your business. DMI’s view is that when markets and technologies are evolving rapidly, you need a strategic approach to AI — innovating to improve human outcomes and ignoring shiny objects that show little value. This challenge underscores everything we do in AI consulting at DMI. When others are raving about bots, we’ll be helping you build an AI ecosystem that keeps people in the center and technology at the edges.