Intelligent Digital Transformation.

Enterprise-grade services and solutions that simplify and scale to meet you where you are and support you as you grow.
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Creating innovative digital experiences that connect brands directly to the users that they serve.

A brand is more than a logo. It’s the sum of the experiences it provides for consumers. In an age where consumers are in control, brands need to craft every touchpoint in response to their audiences needs, desires, and motivations.

We help evolve our partners into relevant brands, because relevant brands are successful brands.

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Focused on translating business challenges into technology solutions and innovations with proficient depth across Microsoft, AWS, and Salesforce domains, the Transformation Group guides enterprises in achieving better efficiencies and outcomes.

We hold gold certification competencies with Microsoft and a growing list of trusted Microsoft MVP’s, partner certification in engineering and architecture with AWS, and a highly skilled network of Salesforce competencies and expertise. Along with our expertise in DevOps, microservice design, SAFe Agile practices and our proprietary APIX (Agile Performance Index).

With all of this, and more, discover how the DMI Transformation Group is perfectly positioned to move your organization to digital and beyond.

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Managing 3.0+ million devices for our partners and clients, our Managed Services Group keeps data secure and teams connected in real-time for their colleagues and customers.

Adapting to changing technology and an evolving landscape, we ensure your business is ahead of the curve and not behind the times while reducing costs and improving user experience.

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Offering decades of experience, our Commerce Group provides your business with the tools and roadmap to establish a strong digital commerce presence or can expertly bolster your current platform with a secure, robust shopping experience on multiple channels or devices.

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While still considered emerging technologies, our AI & Analytics Group has successfully integrated solutions across a variety of organizations.

Through our unique portfolio of services, we help enterprises assess the possibilities where AI could drive value and target the use case that offers the strongest ROI.

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DMI uses specialized expertise from our six unique DMI Groups that work both independently and collaboratively based on a client’s needs. We use a proven mix of agile methodologies, data-centric back-end innovations, and human-centered front-end experiences to create a seamless world where people, technology, and data converge. With a relentless passion to help you maximize your people’s potential and technology investments, we are fearless through experience, intelligent with purpose, and bold by design.


DMI delivers a comprehensive set of solutions and services that enhance security and drive mission success for U.S. defense, civilian and healthcare agencies. Our intelligent digital transformational efforts seek to maximize the useful lifecycle of existing technology through enhancement and modernization

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State and local governments work to provide the best for their citizens. From defining new digital strategies to providing next-gen experiences to standardizing critical IT systems, DMI provides the skillset and solutions to drive results.

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DMI is a global digital transformation services company that combines technical expertise, business strategy, and a collaborative mentality to challenge our clients to think differently about digital transformation. We believe that digital transformation that is driven by intelligence, both human and artificial, becomes the foundation for the future of digital leadership. We partner with our clients to provide the right tools, resources and guidance to navigate their unique digital journey and create intelligent solutions that help move digital forward.

Who We Are


To deliver on the most challenging and innovative opportunities, we partner with strategic players across multiple platforms and technologies. DMI is the trusted digital transformation partner that delivers end-to-end intelligent digital transformation strategy, solutions, and partner ecosystems to support, adapt, innovate, and scale to better serve our customers and the people in their care.



devgurus is a leading commercetools services provider. Founded in 2006 and recognized as a Leader in both the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce and the 2020 B2C Commerce Suites Forrester Wave™️, commercetools is widely considered the world’s most flexible microservices-based commerce platform and is one of the fastest growing enterprise software companies. The firm helps retailers and manufacturers realize brand value by creating sophisticated shopping experiences across new channels including apps, video and social media, while providing unlimited scalability.


Pragiti offers digital commerce expertise across multiple critical touchpoints. Pragiti’s proficiency starts with being an awarded SAP Gold Partner and includes critical pieces of the commerce journey from marketplaces to search, loyalty and curbside pickup. They accomplish all this with elegant and scalable solutions that offer both flexibility and profitability and proudly boast a 100% referenceable client list.


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