BES 10 Migration — Is it Right for You?

Everyone seems to be wondering what to do about BES 10 and the new Z 10 and Q 10 devices from BlackBerry. Many IT professionals are excited about the security features of the new devices. But others believe the BlackBerry ship has sailed. What to do? If you’re not sure what’s right for your organization, now’s your chance to get some questions answered.

  • What’s new about BES 10—how is it better than BES 5?
  • How does BES 10 compare to other industry leading MDMs—in security, ease of management, and user experience?
  • How do the Q 10 and Z 10 handle personal and corporate data?

And the big question: Is a BES 10 upgrade in your best interest or is there a better solution for you?

At DMI, we’ve helped all sorts of companies figure out what to do with BES 10 and the new BlackBerry devices. We should know—with more than 1,000 BlackBerry services clients, we’ve been providing BlackBerry services longer than most of BlackBerry’s own employees. We support hundreds of thousands of iOS and Android devices too—many in mixed environments.

For a limited time, you can talk with one of our experts for free about BES 10 and how it compares to other leading mobile management solutions.
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If you decide to upgrade to BES10, we can make the process smooth and worry-free. We do BlackBerry Training, Assessment, Migration, Installation, Proof of Concept, and Management. If BES 10 isn’t right for you, we offer comprehensive managed mobility services for strategy and planning, MDM, Mobile Helpdesk, Mobile Solution Management, App Development and more.

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